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Continental bulldog puppies (2+2) were born 01.02.2020

16.04.2019 born borzoi litter (5+2)

Some puppies are available.

Sire:  FI CH, EE CH, EE JCH, LV JCH, BALT JW 2016  Dion’s Talisman

Dam: EE CH Velichava Pava at Dion’s



11.10.2018 born siberian husky litter

one male & five females

18.08.2018 born borzoi litter

five male & one female

Dion’s Xcalibur (natural short tail)

14.05.2017 National show Reto Winner 2017, Latvia

borzoi Rusich Tcarskaya Shtuchka  Ex, Lv CAC, BOB, Lv Ch!!!

 borzoi Dion’s Verba Ex, Lv J CAC

bourbonnaisi linnukoer Alva  “Ally” EX, Lv CAC, BOB

13.05.2017 National show Reto Trophy 2017, Latvia

 borzoi Dion’s Verba Ex, Lv J CAC, BOB

borzoi Rusich Tcarskaya Shtuchka  Ex

Braque du Bourbonnais Alva  “Ally” Ex, Lv CAC

29.04.2017 National show Kingissepa, Russia

 borzoi Dion’s Vjuga   Ex, Rus J CAC, BOB, Rus J CH, BIG 1.

08.- 09.04.2017 IDS Tallinn Winner 2017

 borzoi Dion’s Talisman   Ex, CC, CACIB, BOB, BIG 3.

 borzoi Dion’s Verba  Ex, CC

Braque du Bourbonnais Alva  “Ally” Ex, CC, CACIB, BOB

11.-12.02.2017 National show Tallinn Winter Cup 2017

 borzoi Dion’s Verba   Ex, CC, Est J CAC, BOB J, BOO

Dion’s Arctic Wiseguy

Siberian husky puppies are born!

Puppies were born 23.01.2017. Five beautiful male puppies. Two black /white and three grey/ white.

Parents are Dion’s Arcic Ocean and  Barbie Uola.

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14.01.2017  4. and 10. group speciality show in Tallinn

Dion’s Vjuga  Ex, CC, Est JCAC, BOO J. New Est Junior Champion!

07. & 08.01.2017  National dog shows in Tartu

Dion’s Vjuga  Ex, CC, Est JCAC, BOB J – both day!

Vjuga 9k

Congratulations  EDE!!!!

11.12.2016 International dog show “Finnish Winner 2016” Helsinki, Finland

Our young borzoi Dion’s Verba  Ex/1/ Fin J Winner 2016

Braque du Bourbonnais Alva  “Ally” Ex/1/2, CC, Fin CAC, R. CACIB

12.-13.11.2016 International dog show “Baltic Winner” Riga, Latvia

Our young borzois Dion’s Talisman  Ex/1/4, CC, LV JCAC, Baltic J Winner 2016, Lv JCh

 & Dion’s Taina  Ex/1/4, CC, LV JCAC, Baltic J Winner 2016, Lv JCh

Braque du Bourbonnais Alva  “Ally” Ex/1/1, CC, Lv CAC, CACIB, Baltic Winner 2016 BOB

05.-06.11.2016 International dog show Tartu

Dion’s Talisman  Ex/1/1, CC, BOB

Alva  “Ally” EX/1/1, CC, CACIB, BOB

25.09.2016 National show, Saku Suurhall, Tallinn

Dion’s Talisman  Ex/1/1, CC, Est JCAC, BOBJ, BOB, Est J Ch!!!

Dion’s Verba BOB Puppy

24.09.2016 National show, Saku Suurhall, Tallinn

Dion’s Talisman Ex/1/1, CC, Est JCAC, BOBJ, BOB

Dion’s Verba BOB Puppy

30.07.2016 Saaremaa National show

Dion’s Taina  Ex/1/1, CC, Est JCAC, BOB J, Est J Ch!!! BOB

Dion’s Talisman   Ex/1/1, CC, Est JCAC, BOSJ, BOS

Estet Classic Baronessa BOBVeteran

Dion’s Vjuga BOB Puppy

19.06.2016 V ja X group show, Harjumaa,

Dion’s Taina  Ex/1/1, CC, Est JCAC, BOB J

04.06.2016 – 05.06.2016 International show “Est Winner 2016”, Tallinn

Dion’s Taina  Ex/1/1, CC, Est JCAC, Est JW 2016,  BOBJ

Borzoi litter!

V-litter were born 01.03.2016. 3 male ja 3 emale.


Siberian husky puppies were born 29.11.2015.

Two black & white females available.

More informations about puppies click here!

We have borzoi puppies!!!

T-litter were born 21.08.2015. 2 males and 3 females


Rus J Ch, Rus Ch Donskoi Eglon x Estonian Junior Winner 2009, Baltic Junior Winner 2009, World Junior Winner 2009, Nordic Junior Winner 2009, Finnish Junior Winner 2009, Finnish Winner 2009, Baltic Winner 2010, Estonian Winner 2011, Tallinn Winner 2014, EST & LV & LT, Swed & Fi CH, C.I.B., C.I.B.P (*) Estet Classic Baronessa

Puppies pedigree